Work-out day with college family and vlogging!

Yesterday was definitely my highlight of the week! It was absolutely amazing! So Brennan, my friend told us to bring our badminton rackets and sport shoes so that we can work out this week. And we did! After three days of procrastination since we were all so tied up with classes and work.

The five of us waited for Brennan and Jezz to get back from their class since our had ended at 1 and they had an extra class; we watched a movie for a short while and then Brennan made us change into our sports gear; we got dressed and got ready our water bottles and we set off to the sports complex around 3:45 p.m.

Brennan registered us as members since we were gonna visit the sports complex more frequently now. We booked a court for 2 hours,  along the way, my friends and I vlogged some footage with my camera and took some photos as well.

It was fun, working out together and just forget about our busy lives for once. I can't remember the last time I've enjoy a game before right up till now.

We took our photo as well before we played our game.

From back  (left to right) : Brennan, Shawin, Me, Jezzebel, Vimal.
From front  (left to right) : Sai, Naresh.