Shopping ?

Class ended at 12, I can say the lecturer is inexperienced in teaching so no one listened to him. Moving on, Seb picked me up and we headed downtown to Pavillion, planned it a week ago. We had lunch at Manhanttan Fish Market and it wasn't as good as before. After eating, we went to shop. Seb has been wanting a pair of new shoes for Christmas so I got him a pair of Vans which I had saved up for sometime ago. I went into Forever 21 and got a pair of washed of jeans, it fitted me perfectly and it was only 50 bucks. I then headed to Cotton On and got two pairs of shorts, one had the Aztec design and the other floral. We then, headed up to Starbucks and got ourselves a Dark Mocha drink. So I would say today was a really a day worth spending.