Valentine's Day

I don't usually celebrate the whole Valentine's Day thing but Sebastian decided he's gonna make me feel special, well I guess he makes me special every other day as well but that's because he's good at doing so.

When he picked me up, he actually made an origami little box for me to keep my rings in, he even made a bookmark and wrote a note for me. Such a sucker for love; but then admitted he destroyed about 5 origami sheets attempting to make heart shaped things.

So we headed to Shangri-La for lunch—Arthur's Bar & Grill. I had the tenderloin steak with fat fries and button mushrooms. He had sauté chicken with mash potatoes and his favorite button mushrooms.

I had the entire thing vlogged and obviously took photos. Basically we just spent quality time just talking about nonsense and watched silly videos and just listened to music in the car. It wasn't much but to me, it was meaningful and definitely something to be remembered. Thanks babe, if you're reading this❤️