My current favorite place to shop at the moment. I bought a few things, well not exactly a few things to Sebastian. 

So today we headed to F21—again. I bought myself a pair of dark colored high waisted jeans. Sebastian got me a new pair of strappy sandals the covers your ankles as well, all this getting a new pair of sandals deal was because my clumsy boyfriend stepped a little too hard on the back of my other sandal and the string snapped. And I was tot lally eyeing on a new denim jacket for awhile now, no I didn't get it.

Thoroughly heartbroken.

But it was then replaced with another better looking one, chosen specially by my boyfriend.

So after that, we walked to Lot 10 and just strolled down the streets, we stopped by the newly renovated Sephora which now has a second floor where you can get your make up advices and stuff. I didn't get anything from Sephora since I've already bought I wanted weeks ago. And then we just browsed in Zara, Vincii and finally stopped at H&M. I bought myself a casual printed pants since it looked so grunge-y and also a sling bag which had really colorful patterns. 

We had lunch at some mini Chinatown area where my friend Jezzebel told me to check it out yesterday. Food wasn't that good though.

So I got home around 6+ feeling satisfied, am definitely grateful for Sebastian :)