His story

He left his house around 11 to travel back to his hometown to have a reunion dinner with his family, which it was in Bentong.

He then settled down, but then grumbled that there wasn't no wifi, typical boy. Played with his cousin Cian, later on went to get some ice cream at some shop and then went to the play ground to have some fun with the younger cousins.

It was then time for dinner, they had meatballs, squids, octopus, meat, vege, mushrooms, tofu and all that good stuff. After dinner, it was his little cousin—Cian's favorite moment, gambling. Won twice but lost the third time. My boyfriend lost every single game till he's broke, I guess it wasn't about the money, it's about the time spent with his family.  

Although he's pretty much far away from me, he'd make the effort to ask what I was doing. While he was there, I made something for him as well, hope he likes it.

Nugget ❤️