end of classes for the week and surprises.

As all of you have read, I had a pretty depressing week, I still cannot get over the amount of topics I'll be covering this semester for Biotechnology and to be honest, I am not psyched for it. Just yesterday we had to choose a club and there was an exhibition in the University's foyer and none of the clubs had spiked an interest in me, AT ALL.

Jezz wanted to join the Futsal club but I wasn't too keen on it, I signed up with her without paying the member fee so technically we weren't officially gonna be in the club yet but then we came across the Flint club,and the activities they were offering, wow, I think God had somehow made my dreams into reality; I've longed to do some artsy stuff, like musical, be on the television screen all that stuff, and a writer; in this club, there was a mixture of academics and entertainment, I chose talk shows, Broadway and some public speech thing, I was kinda excited for it so we'll see how it goes next week.

So today, I kept checking my watch, I was so desperate to get out of the school just to see my boyfriend who was such a sweetheart, he offered to pick me up directly from school, it was 3 in the afternoon and I was starving, I only had yogurt at 8 a.m. in the morning and then finding out that I woke up for nothing today because my 9 o'clock class has been shifted to 2. Pretty pissed but I went back to sleep again.

I was so happy when I saw my boyfriend's car, as I got into the vehicle, a pretzel was waiting for me on the car seat, like I said I was starving, I ate it all up less than 5 minutes and gave Sebastian two bites. He told me to open the drawer since he needed his smart-tag thingy for the tolls but when I opened it, I found a bouquet of flowers in it and a long note from him, telling me that he had a surprise stashed somewhere in the car.

I couldn't find it at first but then I remembered that there was a small drawer below my seat, I pulled it open and found a wrapped package, and in it were the yellow shades I've been wanting for quite sometime but I thought I didn't need it since I had 3 other pairs but the one he bought me was the one I was eyeing on, project save money for camera, remember?

He drove me to the mall and we had Johnny Rockets as a late lunch, we shared a burger since it was pretty large. We walked around afterwards and I stopped by Cotton On and picked up a pair of floral shorts, there was two graphics tees that had my eye but I decided to spend less, it had pizza's all over it on one tee, and the other had fries all over it. Anyway, we headed to Lovisa, a jewelry store just next door to get something for my mom for the upcoming Mother's Day, we both shared that gift and I'm pretty excited to give it to my mom; fact, my mom adores my boyfriend a lot, treat shim like a son she never had.

As for dessert, our usual tradition after all the exploring, we decided to walk to McDonalds and we got a large iced mocha, was pretty good. I had so much fun just talking my boyfriend in the car, I told him about my week and how eager I was just to get home and stuff, he told me life isn't always easy and there's always ups and downs and we have to face it rather than avoid it and that we're doing our best for our future. He always reminds me that I'm never alone in facing these situations, above all, I think God is really good to me this whole week, I figured I needed to really work harder than I have back in Foundation and learn to toughen up along the way.