Think again.

Sebby and I saw a toddler with Down syndrome disease while we were having lunch. Eventually he asked me, what would I do if I had a kid just like that, how would I react to the situation? I told him I don't know, I'd be sad, that's a first but I honestly wouldn't know how to react in that certain situation because I haven't have any friends who have the similar disease. He then asked me what if I was pregnant with a child whom I knew it was having Down syndrome, I'm not gomma try to be a saint heck even act like I am, because I'm not one, I told him abortion is a sin, I told him I'd give the baby away but it's also wrong, but then again there's no good or bad. The last question he asked me was that what if my sister has Down syndrome, what would I do? I told him I would love her the same because she's my sister. And then he told me, if I could love my sister if she's with disease, what makes me think I can never bring myself to love my own flesh and blood ?