A new beginning?

I'm about to begin my first class in Degree of Biotechnology tomorrow. I'm not mentally prepared do the whole mass studying again, partly because of the stress in Science subjects and not eating properly, my University is about an hour's drive from home so my dad is paying for my rental in an apartment that I'm currently sharing, reason is because I pretty much have to wake up REAL early if I chose to stay home and wasted time in travelling to and back from Uni, and considering classes ends at 5 everyday for first semester is pretty tiring for me. My friend Jezzebel has about the same problem as I do and we both really hate staying so far away from home but I'm happy to be able to hangout with her for five schooling days again.

I have a love-hate relationship for the place I'm studying right now; don't get me wrong, I have really good friends, almost family there but it's just that we don't really have such good eatery place there, the food sucks, we mostly cook for dinner and just grab whatever we can for lunch, we either go out of the place occasionally if we didn't have classes the next day or have a late class, or we would just stay back and watch movies until early hours in the morning, we aren't study machines you know. Plus there isn't a mall nearby, no swimming pool or whatever entertainment or sort over there, I like to tell my parents I'm cut off from the human civilization there for 5 days.

So anyway, I still have to pack, another few hours till I leave for the faraway place again, I'm gonna miss my bunny boy, I'm gonna miss our frequent dates, I'll see him every other Friday when he picks me up when I reach the train station and Sundays when we go to church together, or Saturdays if he takes me out. I know he's reading this, I miss you fat boy!

So God help me, I wanna get the scholarship halfway during second year to study abroad for the student exchange program.