Trip to Hell Conference and FGA's 36th Anniversary

These two days were the highlights of my week. I got to experience God once again and witnessed Him move His mighty hand through a congregation 15,700 people last night or more in the stadium. On the first night, Pastor Philip Mantofa spoke at the evangelistic meeting, his message was so powerful, and from God through the pastor, he led almost 2000 people to the Lord that night, people were able to speak in tongues, people wanted to get baptised, the love of God, back-slidden Christians who want to turn back to Him. His power was so real, I teared up, sobbing when I saw the multitudes of people running towards the stage, wanting, accepting the love that God is giving so freely that night. It was amazing, my heart was so moved, Christianity is not a religion, in fact, it is having a relationship with the one true God.

He does not force us to believe in Him, in the end, everyone makes their own choices, I'm glad I made mine many years ago, these 19 years, God has blessed me tremendously in so many ways, no idol can do such things, it is the supernatural power and spirit of God, and by His grace I am still alive today, my life is in His hands and I will be his servant, his vessel to the people who still has not heard the Good News.

I was happy that my boyfriend's parents came along, his mother is a non-believer and I thank God that she was able to listen to the Word, I could see her heart was moved and touched by the Holy Spirit, as for his father, I am sure that his faith is shaken as well, Sebastian could even speak in tongues that night; he said it just came naturally and he couldn't believe as well. I will still continue to pray for his parents and brothers, I believe God has great plans for each and everyone of us in life, to share the love of Christ wherever we go. My University friend, Brennan, who is Catholic also came that night, he listened attentively and I believe God was stirring his heart when he was worshipping inside his heart. 

One the second day, which was today, we had tour 36th Easter celebration , the members from the satellite churches from all over came together to celebrate. The same pastor, Philip Mantofa spok about the new generation--the youth who will lead the nation in the future, there was a prophetic impartation. The moment the pastor just waved a hand over the crowd, every single teenager present fell like the wave, we were slain in the Holy Spirit, the power of God was indeed amazing. God cleanses and washed away our sins, He had died on the cross, so that we may have eternal life with Him if we just believe, living according to His will.

It was also the birthday of on of our founders of our church, We also had a carnival after everything ended, and believe me when a whole stadium is filled, there were tonnes of people in the outdoor area, making it so hard to move, but it was an enjoyable day. I even got to eat the cotton candy I've been craving for quite some time.

Moving Forward as One

My boyfriend under the heat and my blur her sweats.