Final paper, College completed, mission accomplished

The day I registered for this particular college, I hated it. I just think I'd won't fit in. I wasn't good at making friends, I always expect people to come talk to me but I guess there's always gotta be a change somewhere somehow.

I didn't enter college expecting myself to do well, I expected more failures, but that didn't happen. It wasn't a breeze I can tell you, no success comes without hard work.

I made so many good friends in college, a phase I never thought it would happen. I believe it was fate that brought us together. Through all the laughters, tears, joy, worrying for exams, birthday sabotage, lab/ groups work and pranks, I could honestly say I had fun. I don't think I regret anything. 

A situation which I think it was the worse proved me wrong. I've made friends who care about each other, looked out for each other and encourage, pushing each other to do better in their studies.

I'm just a 100m from the starting point of a race that I've yet to finish. My advice is that you have fun and study hard, and never ever give up no matter how bad the situation will be, because at the end of the day, you'll feel satisfied and trust me, it's gonna be worth it.