Sunday-2nd day without our parents being home.

My parents left on a holiday so that means they left me in charge with my 3 sisters.

So as requested by my mom, Sebastian picked me and my sisters for church service today. I woke up around 8+ to the smell of pancake which my second sister was making. 

We quickly ate and got dressed, Seb was early so he waited for us and then he got his car. Service was great, later on we had lunch in my aunt's place, and my grand aunt had made us dessert, apple dumpling which was amazing :)

We then headed off to Mid Valley to shop. Forever 21 was indeed the only option right then since it was hella crowded as it was a Sunday. Went around looking and I've been wanting a tote bag for my classes but never seem to found any, but today was my lucky day . I spotted one which looked it could fit my laptop and my files and it was on sale, thank God for that right?! 

I also got a set of make up brushes and a make up pouch since I don't wanna have so many bags to put my make up in. My sisters also got a few things and then we walked around and got a drink at Starbucks. Suffice to say today was really indeed a great day with both my boyfriend and sisters. 


The stuff that I got❤️