Day 6 - Shopping Spree

I started off today by having lunch at a Japanese restaurant and had a bento lunch set.

I also had ice cream after lunch, a shop called Bing Bing, it looked Vintage-y and the ice cream was really good.

And then we took the train to Bugis Road and did a little shopping there. I also bought 3 pairs of sandals and shoes since they were cheap, $30 for 2 pairs of shoes. I also bought a pair of slippers because it looked nice. 

Aroun 5, I headed to the biggest church in Singapore, City Harvest. The church my uncle and aunt goes to, the worship was so good and there were sooooo many people. 

Katy Perry's mom was here too! OMG was kinda excited, Mary Hudson is a pastor. 

And then after service, my uncle took us to China Town to have dinner, the place was bustling with people.

And so I pretty much ended the day feeling so satisfied I got a lot of stuff from different shops. Here's a picture of my shopping haul today.