shopped, again.

Cotton On was having a four day sale, you get the second item for 50% off, but then again I wanted to save money so I only bought like a thing or two. So I bought another pair of floral shorts,I just couldn't get enough of them because it was so COMFY! I actually bought two floral ones few days ago and I think I'm gonna start a collection of floral shorts soon, in total I think I have 5 of them and STILL COUNTING..

I went to the boy's section to pick out a graphic tee for my boyfriend and trust me, picking out something for someone you really treasure is definitely the best feeling ever.I spent almost 20 mintues going through the shelves finding for the perfect tee and one that was in size Small since he was getting buffer and the last thing he needs is to hide them muscles under a baggy t-shirt. So finally  I picked out a tee that says 'property of San Fran Blvd' which was white in color,

And then, I was back in the girl's section in no time, my eyes caught the sight of a rack of rompers; only two designs had my attention and I wasted no time in trying them on, the first one was a floral design, the shade of the outfit was quite light and the material was so soft, the second one was little darker and the design had the aztec-y feeling to it. I also got a new watch since the old one broke. I was all jumpy when I was paying for my things.

Later on, I dropped H&M and got a little something for my boyfriend's mom since Mother's Day was just in a few days time.