surprised by the bae

I've been wanting those jelly sandals from Forever 21 for quite some time, I first saw it few months ago but I got the other strappy sandals instead because I didn't know where should i wear it to.

Today I could say I was totally surprised when I got a skype call from Sebastian asking me to come out of the house since he had something to give me.

I waited till he arrived, and there in his hands were two bags, in one had burger and fries and the other hand had a Forever 21 yellow bag. I was wondering what did he buy until I opened it; instead of thanking him, I pinched his face, I was so happy when I saw the jelly sandals I've been wanting.

What he does for me always puts a big fat smile on my face, sometimes I feel I don't do enough for him. He's that type of guy of every girl's dreams, he might even know me better than I know myself.

I was thoroughly overjoyed by the little act he did. The jelly sandals were a perfect fit too!