I got off class early today and took the train with my favorite person in college, Jezz back to our own designated places. Sebastian picked me up and then we both headed to the IOI mall.

We had Kenny Rogers for lunch and then we stopped by H&M to pick up a thing or two. So I got this little white blouse with black stripes on it, the material was really comfy. I also bought a sleeveless tee which had little anchors splashed all over the fabric.

Then we also stopped by Sephora to get me some make up. I got the concealer cream which technically I don't really need it but oh well, it'll be used when it has to be used, I also got the powder blush in the color mocha; light-ish shade of pink actually and then I also got the tea rose lipstick since it was only 20 bucks and then of course a bottle of dry shampoo to keep my hair healthy instead of washing it everyday like I used to.

So I's rate today a 10 since I pretty much got the stuff that I needed, all thanks to my boyfriend for taking the time to drive me and to shop along with me.