Day out with the girls and gramps

This morning I spent time with Seb and had lunch together in a restaurant along with my parents and friends and all that. Later on, he drove me and my girl friends to the mall and we did some shopping (of course). I then headed to nichii and found a really cute dress but obviously I didn't get it, just tried it on for fun. I got myself a red hoodie and a pair of black tights and then we walked around. I got a lotion from the body shop and then went back to my grandparents house for dinner since my uncle and aunt are back from Singapore for the weekends. My uncle took my grandpa back from the nursing home so we could spend some time with him. We brought him to the clinic after dinner to check up, my grandpa told me that he was happy, he repeated himself twice. When my uncle and I sent my grandpa back to the nursing home, I tucked gong gong into bed and told him I love him and he told me he loved me too. Those words sent tears into my eyes, he was actually alert when I said that to him. This day couldn't get any better.

Ham for dinner