Friday shopping haul and a great week spent

I really thank God for my entire week because He made it fun. Hardly assignments and just basically spending my days knowing God is there for me. I had a day off from class and even got to go home, ha! Even had rashes when I got home. Plus I even had the time to have tea with my boyfriend. Today I even went shopping for well, essentials I would say.

I had lunch in the car with Seb, McD's, our go-to lunch to save cash and more shopping.

Before the Victoria Secret sale ends, I got myself another set of the body mist, lotion and body wash and it came with a pink tote; even got a lip gloss, favourite color currently and then got my boyfriend his EarPods from Mac city.

So then I headed to Forever 21; one of my favourite places in the world and got some clothes. I got two pairs of really comfy skinny jeans since they were on a huge sale—denim blue and black. I even got a beige colored cartigan. I also got a really cute pair of lime green pug socks and the fuzzy socks for my sister's birthday, to top it off I even got her a sleeveless shirt. Seb got me some really cute rings I've been wanting for quite some time; I have a huge obsession with rings and necklaces the moment. 

So past all that, Seb then drove me to visit my grandpa. I was so happy to see him; he didn't talk much but I missed him since I only get to see him once in a week since I'm always away at campus. I talked to him for abit and Seb and I read bible verses and prayed for my gramps. 

Then I headed home; Seb had a small chat with my mom and left; did I mention he has an iPad now that I have play with?Photo booth is currently the best app in there.