Christmas Day!

I woke up at 9 this morning feeling really happy since its Christmas. Headed to church with the fam bam and met with Sebby there. After service, we had lunch at cravings with the family and Sebby came along. Headed to IOI city mall around 3 to shop, Sebby came along as well and followed us around. My sisters love talking to him though :) I got a pair of new jeans and also a pillow, I have a huge obsessions with pillows and comfortable things.

When I came home, I opened up my gifts from Sebby. He got me three really cute tees, the first was a plain white tee which would go really well with my washed off jeans, the next was really cute foxes and the last one had giraffe printed all over it which was really cute. He got me a really nice necklace and the best, a heart shaped ring which was diamond encrusted on it. He also got me two new phone cases, one which has daisies printed on it and the other was the Artic Monkeys.

I had a blast today and I'll open the rest of the presents tomorrow, Merry Christmas!