Reunion dinner + shopping

So today Sebby picked me up at 3:50 and drove me, Jia Hong and my bestie Nicholas to Pavillion to have our reunion dinner at La Bodega, probably a Italian restaurant. We arrived there around 5 which was pretty early, so as promised, Sebby got me a Mac lipstick in the color 'house wine'. Then we met up with Neric, Amos and David at the main hall whererhe deco's were on display.

We took a few photos and then met up with the rest of our friends at La Bodega, where Ashley, Darius and Cherie arrived. Cherie gave me a silver pair of ear rings and I absolutely loved it since I lost my other pair that day. And so we had our orders taken, I ordered the Beef Brisket, it was pretty amazing considering that the beef was tender.

We also celebrated Amos's 18th birthday and then we took more photos. So I headed to Forever 21 to do some shopping, I got this sleeveless floral top and a floral skirt which both are for 69 bucks, totally worth it. I then headed to Victoria Secret to get a lipgloss which was in the color right, it was glossy on right. Finally the day ended when Sebby drove through McD's to get some ice cream for us.