My 3 sisters at their sports day, 15'

I was back at my old high school's annual sports day, it was a different stadium this time round. Back in those days, I used to be on the track, winning races after races, medals after medals, in school and inter-school competitions, but this year, I sat back and watch my three little sisters running on the track, I was proud for the fact that they are able to take after where I left off.

My sisters did really well, they were all in it for the races, gobbling banana's after banana's, energy bars and did their warm ups, putting on their spike shoes and then freaking out later,

I also ran a 400m race, under the category of the alumni and got a gold medal. Honestly speaking, I hadn't been training on tracks anymore, my sprinting/glory days were over, now it's all just the normal work outs and trying not to gain too much weight and just studying, My parents were there as well, my mom's an primary international school teacher so she drove us there to the stadium, my dad took a half day off just to see my sisters as well, like he always did back when I was still in high school. My dad also joined the 400m race for the PTA category, didn't win, but I can say my dad was still in good shape, tummy-less.

It was also nice to see my ex high school teachers, I spoke to few of them for a bit, my principal and discipline teacher was so happy to see me, no, not because I got into trouble, it was just that I participated a lot in the school activities.

Some photos I will have them printed out soon,


 My youngest sister,

Second sister always gobbling down fruits.

 My third sister.

100m under 15 and under 18.

 Green house march past.

My youngest sister doing her warm ups.

Getting ready for her 4*100meters.