Adventures with Sebastian

So today I went out with my boo, I had to open a savings account at a bank for some purpose and luckily he was there to drive me and then just stay with me to inquire certain things since he's always the smart/wise one in the relationship.

After that, he took me to a Korean restaurant, K-Pork, funny name but it was so good. I ordered a set meal which consisted of spicy pork, kimchi, mashed potatoes, vege and rice. Sebastian had beef. It was so good and the settings were quite simple and nice, for a moment there I imagined I was in Korea.

As soon as we finished, we went to visit my grandpa. I didn't see him for a week or two and I was so happy to see him earlier; he was much skinnier than before but he is indeed a healthy old man. Grandpa has taught me a lot of things that were worth calling as 'life lessons', I treasure them in my heart till this day and I really appreciate my grandpa for he was always there for me, so I remind myself I should do the same now that he is old.

OF COURSE, I took a load of photos today to remember this day, adventure with my boyfriend, which of course includes a variety of things.